Overjoyed Client

I, Vivek Jaiswal, partner of Vivek Jaisawal & Co. Chartered Accountants, in practice for 21 years and having offices in Kolkats and U.P.

I referred a friend of mine to Ms. Ritu Sureka of MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection for his existing flat. He got back to me with a lot of praise for the work done by her team. They were thoroughly professional and arrived on time as per schedule. The report on the inspection was detailed and gave good insights into the state of the construction of the flat and the exact problem areas. He was extremely satisfied with the services provided by MACJ.

I am extremely proud of having Ms. Ritu Sureka in BNI Prudent and will surely recommend her to all my friends and contacts.

Thanking you
For Vivek Jaisawal & Co.
Chartered Accountants

Vivek Jaiswal

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