Check out 7 Plumbing Mistakes in Your New Home

Proper plumbing system is a basic need of all Indian households. Perhaps, it is the first thing we see while moving into a house or apartment. Nobody wants to enter a home to encounter leakage, seepage, damps, and other problems regarding moisture.

It is quite frustrating, right?

The weather in India changes every second month. With each weather conditions, numerous problems regarding plumbing occur in our houses. And, what can be more frustrating than a home of too many plumbing problems. Will you happily live in that space? Of course not. For an average Indian family, it is undoubtedly not worth to spend thousands in just plumbing.

There are some basic plumbing mistakes that we make each day and ignore them every time. They are so common that most of the families in India suffer through it. We are listing them down one-by-one, and they are worth avoiding. By only not doing them repetitively we can save a lot of our money.

Here is the list of 7 mistakes we should check out in a new home

1. Installation of Plumbing fitting

Many a times we do not check the installation whether it is loose or not fitted properly. It is a basic need for plumber to check the layout of a new home properly, so that FTA i.e female threaded adapter(which is used to connect plumbing line to tap) can be installed properly. If it is installed inside the tiles then extension piece would be required, this will create extra joint which may lead to leakage and if it is installed outward, then also plumbing fitting is not done properly. So it is important that FTA is installed at the level of tile surface. This is usually not done properly. Additionally, always ensure that packing around FTA is done properly with tile grout at junction of tile and FTA.

2. No Trap at Floor outlet

Traps are an important component of a plumbing system. They prevent entry of foul air, insects, etc from the sewers into the building and resist the spread of disease. These are fitted at the end of soil pipes of waste pipes to prevent foul gases coming out of soil/ waste pipe. It is one of the common mistakes done in new homes, that the traps are not provided. If smell is coming in bathroom, check whether traps are provided or not.

3. Improper Packing around pipes laid under floor

Packing around pipes which run under floor are not properly done. This is one of the defect which occurs in plumbing. It is important that packing should be done properly to avoid movement of pipes, as this can lead to leakage.

4. Proper Solvent not used

It has been quite a common habit of Indians to fit everything in one place. Using wrong glue (or solvent) for joining pipes might result in an inappropriate combination. If pipes are of UPVC which needs to be joined then UPVC solvent or glue to be used. This is same applicable for other pipes like CPVC. This is usually not taken care while plumbing works. But this can lead to less firm joint which can lead to further problems.

Additionally when two pipes are joined, check that the ends of pipes are dust free and clean for better results.

5. Check gaps around floor outlet

Check if there are gaps around floor outlet, which is one of the common plumbing mistakes due to poor workmanship. It is important to do grouting (i.e. process of filling the gaps at junctions with suitable material) properly around floor outlet to avoid damages due to moisture.

6. No Separate water control valve

Nowadays in some cases, single water control valve is provided for the water supply at kitchen and bathroom due to lack of supervision. This seems to be not a problem usually, but during maintenance or repair work of any particular area the water supply of both the areas will be stopped. If not rectified on time, it will create hassles for residents in future. Separate water control valve should be provided for each wet area like kitchen and bathroom.

7. Type and material of Water Control Valve

It is usually observed that UPVC ball valves are used as water control valve. But UPVC has less service life and cannot serve for long time. It always better that Brass gate valve to be used for it.


Our objective was to make you aware about common plumbing mistakes which we have observed in new homes. So that you would be able to relate to them and avoid them by knowing about it as plumbing system1 is very important.

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