Economical ways to keep your home warm in Winters

Winter is here, it is that time of the season when we sip hot tea or coffee along with some freshly made spicy snacks.

Temperature is decreasing and weather is getting colder1. However, for many, the winter season brings a lot of diseases with the onset of low temperatures. Hence it is important to keep your home warm in this season.

We usually use a room heater for keeping home warm. But this can increase your electricity bill. So we thought to discuss some economical ways to keep your home warmer this winter. Using these ways below will not only save money, but will make sure you are warm and comfortable all winter long:

1. Allow the sun in

Once the sun is up, you want to capture as much of that free heat as possible. Even on cold days, the sun is still warm. In the morning and during the noon, make sure you catch up as much of the heat as possible to keep your home warm. There are many people who keep their windows shut even when the sun is shining brightly. Open your windows and let the sunshine enter the room.

2. Put on curtains

Thick curtain can help you in trapping the heat and prevent it from escaping through the windows. Once the sun goes down, keep all that heat from leaving through the windows by closing the curtains. So, Open the curtains during the day light and put it on during night so that it can allow heat into the room and then protect it at night.

3. Make Use of carpets and rugs

Rugs and carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor. They are generally warmer to the touch than wood/ stone/ tile, and so offer a warmer surface to walk on. Using woolen carpet or any other carpet or rug that you may have, can help you trap heat and make home warmer.

4. Keep the unused rooms shut

If you keep all the unused rooms in your house shut, then this will block the cold air from circulating into the rest of the house. And your home would stay warm even in winters.

5. Seal gaps around door and window

In your everyday busy schedule, you might not really get time to check for any air leaks. Check the gaps around window and door frames to avoid the intrusion of cold air inside home. These gaps needs to be properly sealed to avoid other damages.

6. Add warmth with candles and lanterns

Light a candle or a lantern in your room. Candles will not only light your home and make it look beautiful, but they will also make it warm during the winter days. But better to use non toxic candles like soy candles2 to avoid indoor air pollution. These are inexpensive heaters to produce warmth in room. They are not as effective as electric heaters but will create some amount of warmth very cheaply. Just be careful of where they are placed and do not leave them unattended.


These are simple and inexpensive ways to stay warm in winters. This way you can be warm and comfortable in your home without worrying about the high electricity bills. Our objective was to make you aware about this, as it is important to keep your home warm to keep you healthy in this winters.

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