Electrical Safety at Homes

Electricity can turn you off.
Be careful with power, or this will be your last hour!
Be an Electrical safety hero. Score an accident zero.

Electricity is part of our lives. We use it from the moment we wake up and throughout the day. Although we feel intolerable without electricity, the fact is that numerous accidents, mostly fire related accidents are caused due to electric hazards. Electric current can race through a person who contacts an energized electrical circuit or an object or that has become energized, such as metal and water. The current can cause a shock, severe burns, heart attack, or electrocution. Even a small amount of current can be fatal. We sometimes forget how powerful and dangerous electric faults can be, and so though not always but at maximum times we are the ones to be blamed for the electrocution or fire caused by electricity. The simple reason is negligence from our side be it while laying an electrical layout, while supervision of work or during usage e,g. wire connections ,wire jointing  or wire gauge. Hence, make electrical safety at home one of your prime concerns.

Potential Intrusion/Damage Areas

Whereas an electrical fault can occur at any point at the entire wiring system, the main potential areas are:

  • Meter room
  • Distribution Box in your home / flat / apartment
  • High wattage electrical Appliances
  • Overheating wires
  • Socket outlets and lighting fittings


The human body conducts electricity very well. That means electricity passes very easily throughout the body. Direct contact with electrical current can be deadly.

  • Electrical shock can result in paralysis, minor or major burns, heart attack.
  • Fire caused due to electrical fault, overheating or electrocution can create huge damage to both life and property.
  • The worst damage it may cause is death.

Some Warning Signs:

Majority of the times general accidents occur due to electrical issues from the symptoms that are in front of us but generally we overlook those things. We are providing a general list of the things one needs to take care of as soon as you observe such instances at your home:

  • MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) that trips frequently or sparks during operating
  • Flickering lights
  • Overheating —Wires getting heated quickly, Discolored switch plates or outlet covers (though not visible usually)
  • Electrical shocks — even a mild tingle
  • Damaged wire insulation (though not visible usually)

Safety Issue: Double phase power used in single phase switch board.

Naked wire used for switch to switch parallel connections, will increase current loss and decrease efficiency.

Switch socket board close to sink, will get affected due to water splashing during sink use.

Visual Image of Electrical Joint Box

IR image showing heating at wire joints inside due to faulty connection.

Some Basic Electrical Safety Tips:

An electrical system at home consists of large aspects and needs expert supervision but there are few basic things which can be taken care by anyone. Some such things are mentioned below:

1) Always use RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) for short circuit protection or shock protection.
2) Keep switch / socket boards away from reach of children, use safety caps on all unused electrical outlets.
3) Ensure along with the assistance of a licensed technical personnel that the earthing system is working fine at your home.
4) Do not use any electrical appliance or operate switch / socket bare foot at wet areas. Remember that water and electricity are a deadly combination.
5) Do not keep any electrical point close to shower / bathtub / sink / wet areas.
6) Do not use any electrical appliances during thunderstorm / wind / rainy weather; better to keep them off during those times.
7) Always use IS marked electrical products.
8) Always get your electrical works done by a licensed electrician.
9) Never attempt to repair any kind of electrical fault by yourself until you are an electrician or electrical engineer.
10) Do not plug a bunch of stuff (sockets / instruments) into one outlet or extension cord.
11) Do not pull out an electrical cord from the socket board by pressure.
12) Do make sure all electric cords are tucked away, neat and tidy.
13) Gets professional home inspection of your home done periodically to know the details of your home including electrical safety.

Our experience and expertise – MACJ – A Buyers Choice Home Inspections

We being a professional home inspection company comprises of experienced technical personnel and we have inspected more than 800 homes in apartments, standalone units, bungalows, Office space and even heritage type buildings in Kolkata alone where we have been able to detect and provide remedy for numerous electrical problems / issues which have benefitted our customers. Infact, most of them have rectified there problems / issues as per our advice and are happy and satisfied that they got their home inspection done at the right time. We inspect your home as our own. Your Safety is our first priority and a proper home inspection is our commitment.

Key Parameters of Our Inspection:

1) Electrical Safety (Our first priority during inspection).
2) Thorough inspection of the electrical wiring system  (Detailed Wiring connection & Wire Gauge)
3) Inspection of each and every switch / socket boards (Operation and wiring).
4) Position of installation of electrical fan, light points, switch & socket boards.
5) Need Based DB / MCB charting (Value added service that comes with every inspection giving you the exact location of the load distributed from each MCB)
6) We ensure you home free of electrical shock & electrical accident, and better service life of electrical equipment along with electrical safety.