Enjoy this monsoon with your pest – free home

Monsoon is the season for which everyone wait for its arrival in India because of the pleasant atmosphere it creates.

Everything has a positive, as well as a negative side, so does monsoon. Besides getting natural relief from the scorching heat, the rainy season offers a fresh natural beauty all around. However, you must also be aware that the humid climate also aids in the growth of not just bacteria and fungus but pests and insects, too.

Your homes are safe haven for you and your loved ones, but also serve as the perfect refuge for pests, such as mosquitoes, rats, termites, ants, cockroaches etc. These pests can cause serious health hazards and illnesses, if not treated effectively.

So, Monsoon season in India becomes a perfect breeding ground for monsoon pests and rain insects leading to a lot of diseases affecting all.

Firstly, Let us have a look at the source of pests during monsoon.

Common Sources of pests during monsoon

  • Stagnant water is the most common breeding zone for mosquitoes
  • Damp bathrooms are another place where pests are found breeding
  • Water logged pots of indoor and outdoor plants
  • Dim, shady and damp areas in home are the favourite places for some pest in rainy season
  • If you do not keep your bathroom clean and dry, as a damp bathroom can attract some pest.

After understanding the common source of pest, have a look on some ways to control. So, below are few simple and amazing ways, one can follow to tackle pest problems and put an end to it at the earlier stages.

Ways to Keep Pests at Bay in this Monsoon

In order to enjoy the monsoon at home, you have to make sure that your house is completely pest free otherwise you may catch up a serious disease. Fighting monsoon will be much easier when you know of these amazing ways.

So let us jump in and see how to get rid of these monsoon pests easily and effectively.

1. Clear out stagnant water if any

Stagnant water is considered as the primary cause of many dangerous pests, especially mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are known for causing diseases such as malaria, dengue etc. Always look out for stagnant water near your house and garden, and try to get rid of it immediately before it attracts pests.

2. Clear out the garbage immediately

Clean out the garbage in and around the house to keep your home pest-free. Garbage can attract a lot of pests such as rodents and it is important to keep the surroundings clean, especially during monsoons.

Dirty areas not only attract rodents but can also give birth to several other harmful pests.

3. Use window nets

Window nets are very useful not only in monsoon, but in other seasons too. These nets will help you to keep out every pest. They are easily available in most of hardware shops. You just need to give your window measurement, and they will cut it out accordingly and also stick it to your window frames. You should also use a bed net before you sleep at night, to prevent yourself from pest attack.

4. Use camphor for cupboards

Camphor is a natural agent of keeping pests away. During monsoon, everything seems to be very damp and moisten. Keeping camphor in the cupboards would be an effective method during this season to keep the clothes safe from pests. And never keep damp clothes in the cupboards, dry it up completely and then store them.

5. Keep your bathroom clean and dry

A damp bathroom can be a breeding ground for pests such as cockroaches, and mosquitoes etc. These pests can easily breed in wet zones and bathroom being one, it is essential to keep it dry at all times to prevent any major pest infestation.

You should clean and dry bathroom after every usage. Consider using an exhaust fan to ward off the unusual foul smell in bathroom. The dry bathroom also is safe for kids and seniors.

6. Keep wooden items dry

Wood is a very vital food for termites. Damp wood may attract a lot of termites, make sure they are dry. These termites can damage wooden furniture fast, so it is essential to keep wood dry at all times. To know more, how to protect your home from termites, click here.

7. Good Effects of plants

Use plants that have pest-repellent properties, either indoors or outdoors. You could make a choice from some commonly found species – Basil, Lavender, Aloe Vera etc. Ensure to maintain them well.

Planting (Tulsi) Basil in your home will block the entry of insects/pests in your premise. It is known for preventing pests, especially mosquitoes, from entering homes. It is also known for killing mosquito larvae. If you already have a Tulsi planted in your garden or home, then good. If not, you should strongly consider planting a few tulsi plants before the arrival of monsoons.

8. Do away with clutter

A cluttered house creates a haven for pests. Discard unwanted cardboard boxes and newspapers. Reorganise your house, particularly the kitchen area and keep food items in sealed containers. Take care of your pets (if you have) by giving them a regular bath and do not forget to remove their excreta immediately.


Hope you are going to try some of these tips to get rid of monsoon pests for a healthy home. The methods or ways mentioned above are surely going to help you fight certain types of monsoon pests. With a little effort you can get rid of these pests at least from your home. But if you are facing a major pest infestation problem, then to effectively fight pests contact a good pest control1 agency available in your city.

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