Every new home is not necessarily perfect

A good percentage of people express their interest in buying new homes instead of old ones or even building one themselves. Newly built or pre-construction homes are the house of choice for many homebuyers.

There are many reasons for that too – the luxury of “new house smell” and the look & the feel is definitely among them. There is nothing wrong in it, of course! “We just bought a new home! Why should we be bothering about any problems? Everything is new and must be perfect!” – This may be wrong. Surprised?

There are several reasons why we may suggest you that don’t get carried away by the beautiful look, fit and finish of a new house. There might be issues that went unnoticed and only a thorough examination of the premises can help you.

Listen to Mr. Ashish Kaushik who made the right decision and got his newly bought home inspected. Witness how inspection (health & safety check up of home) happened & things revealed along with his views.

Secrets you are not aware of

Every house has 7 basic elements – walls, ceiling, floor, doors, window, plumbing and electrical. There are always some defects related to these elements which gets overlooked during the process of construction or finishing.

There can be many hidden hazards or issues that are concealed or unnoticeable. To learn how to protect your home from masked hazards, click here.

Some defects in new homes

Everything looks perfect when new, and a home is no exception. When we are moving into a new home, we get excited about its newness and planning to make it more beautiful but we neglect to check the health of the home. As our body needs health check-up to run well, the same way, our home needs a healthy & safety check-up too.

You can also learn about Key findings or defects based on several inspections of new apartment or home element-wise. Along with this you can understand how home inspection can be a saviour in this condition.

After defects, let us discuss some mistakes.

Check out some mistakes in the elements of home

Proper plumbing system is a basic need of all Indian households. Perhaps, it is the first thing we see while moving into an apartment or house. Nobody wants to enter a home to encounter leakage, seepage, damps, and other problems related to moisture. But there are some basic plumbing mistakes that are common and ignored by us every time. They are so common that most of the families in India suffer through it. Click here to know about these mistakes.

Apart from this, there can be mistakes done in layout of electrical like position of socket board or electrical wiring not properly done can lead to safety hazard.

Similarly, there could be issues in other elements as well (door/ window/ ceiling/ floor/ walls, etc).


Buying new doesn’t always mean buying perfect1. Our objective was to make you aware that it is not necessary that if your home is new, it is perfectly fine and have no problems. It is not always same as it looks from outside.

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