Guide to Door Maintenance for your Home

  • Dusting & Cleaning the Door
  • Routine Visual Checks
  • Checking the presence of Termite or Wood boring beetles
  • Periodic Lubrication
  • Repair Cracks on Door Frame & Panel
  • Filling the Gaps around door frame

Most known but neglected fact is that one of the most important elements of any home are its doors. Doors play a significant role in the security of your homes. They are essentially the first point of contact of anyone wishing to enter your home. A door is a Gateway. And keeping that gateway strong and secure is a key factor to maintaining exceptional home safety &security. Also, it is a structure that opens and closes to allow access to your home, or to various rooms in your home.

Doors and windows are very important elements for the energy efficiency, security, as well as appeal of your home. Performing its proper maintenance and care will certainly make your doors and windows even better, look more appealing, and last longer.In this blog,we will discuss about how you can maintain doors of your home and will cover windows in our upcoming blogs.

Doors and windows are very important elements for the energy efficiency, security, as well as appeal of your home. Performing its proper maintenance and care will certainly make your doors and windows even better, look more appealing, and last longer.In this blog,we will discuss about how you can maintain doors of your home and will cover windows in our upcoming blogs.

Let us have a look on some effective guides to maintain and care for both these types of door:

Dusting & Cleaning the door

Remove the surface dust before applying any type of cleaning solution. Dusting every week can be helpful in keep the doors in good condition. Directly wiping down or cleaning a door will just spread the loose dirt and dust around, can harm the surface finish.Cleaning on a regular basis not only helps your door to look great but also save you from having to repaint or recoat.

Cleaning the door is not difficult or time taking. You can use simply dilute dish soap or mild cleaner with warm water and use a cloth or sponge to gently scrub the door. Remember to clean up any excess liquid to avoid staining or discolouring the door surface.

Routine Visual checks

Regular visual check to identify any damage to the door and its components can be helpful to maintain your door. Some of the visual checks that can be done are:

  • Peeling off paint or laminate
    • We will first discuss about peeling off paint or other paint deterioration. This can happen due to various reasons – presence of excess moisture in wood not treated before painting, paint manufacturer specification not followed properly, etc.
      Solution to deal with this problem – Scrap off affected surface, then repair by wood primer of Asian Paints or equivalent product as per manufacturer’s specification.
    • Secondly peeling off laminate occurs due to improper pasting of laminate.
      Solution – This can be repaired by re-pasting with Wooden glue.
  • Damaged or decayed parts of door – First, it is important to find out the reason of wood decay. This can happen due to poor maintenance and usage. And sometimes it can happen if there is any water seepage from associated/ adjacent wet areas. To understand this read one of our #3DKnowledgeSeries post. In this type of case, we need to detect and repair the source of moisture. Then, we can replace or repair the damaged part as per the condition of the wood.
  • Whitish Marks or Discolouration on surface – This usually occurs in painted wooden door when moisture content of wood increases from its saturated surface dry condition. To get this repaired, it will require seasoning of wood.

Checking the presence of Termite or Wood boring beetles:

Termites1 weaken the wood from inside. They lead to loss of structural integrity. Termites can cause a big problem if not treated on time. They occur when they get something organic. And they won’t possibly come in front of you in the open as they prefer dark and humid places where they usually hide. This is the reason it becomes difficult to spot signs of termites easily. And it gets already too late till you actually find them spoiling your property, walls and furniture and can think of a termite control.

Some signs that can tell you there presence in doors – termite mud, hollow sounding wood, Cracks on wooden frame and corner of door, discarded wings, etc.

Now coming to Wood – boring beetles also called wood borer are small pests that damage wood in and around the home. They occur in dry woods. Signs of their presence can be Holes & wooden powder. To identify presence of borer, you can knock on doors having holes, on their surface and if dust comes out, means, it is present.

Solution for Termite & Borer affected doors – For the purpose of treatment, we need to segregate woodwork depending on condition:

  • One, which is severely damaged, as well as, is beyond repair and need replacement.
  • One, which is mildly damaged & can be repaired.

Treatment of the affected wood, can be done in the following steps:

  • Step 1: Finishing layer (paint/ laminate) of affected section to be scrapped off.
  • Step 2: Apply Asian Paints Woodtech Termishield2 or equivalent product as per manufacturer’s specification.
  • Step 3: Wood primer: Desired finishing once the wood surface become saturated surface dry.

This work, advised, to be done by skilled anti-termite applicator.

Periodic Lubrication

Providing periodic lubrication to fittings can help to keep your doors function smoothly. Paying attention to tower bolts, locks and hinges, leads to noise free, smooth and easy operations.

Choosing the right lubricant is essential for your door functioning properly – a wrong product may damage the material.

Solution: WD 403 or equivalent lubrication which is not sticky can be used as per manufacturer’s specification.

Other checks: You should also check your locks to ensure they don’t have any problems such as dirt, rust or defective mechanisms.

Solution: For Surface rust, WD 40, can be helpful and can be used as mentioned above. For Significantly rusted-Damaged fixture can be replaced.

Repair Cracks on Frame & Panel

Check if there are cracks at painted wooden frame & panels or side edges and gaps between jambs. Cracks if not rectified at the right time will increase in depth, thereby damage it further &will add an extra cost.

Solution: These can be repaired by Asian Paints Knifing Paste Filler4 or similar type product as per manufacturer’s specification.

Filling the gaps around door frame

As a layman, gaps could be considered as a small thing and may be neglected. But the gaps around door frame should be rectified. Due to these gaps, there can be seepage problems because of moisture intrusion if the gap is around bathroom door frame. In case of other door frames, apart from bathroom door frame, if these gaps are not filled with proper material, then fixing of the frame with wall will not be firm and will act as insect/ termite hub. It may also lead to water seepage. Therefore it needs to be filled properly to avoid problems in future.

Solution: If gap between frame and wall is:

Option 1: Less than 5 mm, then seal the gap with General Purpose Clear Silicone Sealant as per manufacturer specifications

Option 2: More than 5 mm, then fill the gap with low expanding PU filler. Additionally, suitable beading to be installed over the joint.

Some facts related to wooden doors

  • Gap between panel and frame should be nearly 3 mm in summer season. This is important as wood expands in rainy season.
  • As moisture content is variable in wood, therefore cracks get generated on wood.
  • In raw wood condition, first apply anti-termite spray or equivalent product and use it in saturated surface dry condition. This will keep wood in good condition for longer time.
  • There are two main types of wood – hardwoods and softwoods. Hard wood is preferable for use as there is no surface deterioration. You can differentiate them by their sound and colour. Hard woods are dark in colour and have metallic sound whereas soft woods are light in colour and have paper type sound.
  • Charcoal is like a natural dehumidifier which can help to remove termites.

But, if you find that your door needs to be inspected or checked by professional. You can contact our professional home inspection services.


If a door is well maintained, and you do not live in a place near the sea (where wind and saltwater can ruin wood), or in an arid area with extreme weather, then you can expect the door to last 25 – 30 years. The more stress your door is exposed to, the shorter the lifespan will be. The more proactive you are about keeping the door clean and maintaining the finish and other factors, the better. Once decay sets in, you will find that the life span of the door starts greatly reducing. Hence, it is important to maintain and care for doors.

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