Home Inspection Services in India

We all want our home to be beautiful as well as functional and well-constructed. To make sure that our homes are functional and well-constructed, professional home inspection becomes an essential part of your home-buying process. Most of us have a dream of having our own home. Home is one of the biggest investment one make in one’s life time. A large part of our savings goes into buying our dream homes.

Home is where your story begins. Give a good start to your story. Get it inspected. Performing an inspection on the property that you are planning to buy helps you identify any hidden defects in the building and save you time and money. Professional Home Inspections Services is the need of the hour. Professional Home Inspection services is a multi-Billion industry in America. 90% of the home bought / sold in the US are inspected. It has the potential to be even a bigger industry in India.

Home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of all accessible areas (system and components) of a property using normal operating controls, using latest technology, specialized tools and equipment.

Professional home inspections equips you as a home buyer to effectively evaluate conditions of a property purchase.

While you as a home buyer could look in to the visible discrepancies, a professional and trained home inspector will be able to look smaller details too. MACJ – A Buyers Choice Home Inspections is first professional home inspection services company in India with a collaboration with a leading American MNC present in 19 countries. MACJ offers professional home inspection services for inspecting all residential as well as commercial properties with latest technology, specialised tools and equipment and provides value added service like moisture intrusion assessment (thru thermal imaging technology), etc. Not hiring professional inspectors will deprive the homeowner of expert consultations. They not only help in resolving prominent defects in the house, rather help in identifying areas of the home which need preventative maintenance.

Issues pointed out by the home inspector should be considered because something as small as a leaking pipe could turn into a bigger problem later. For instance, some cracks may not be prominent and needs special efforts to identify them. Once identified, make sure to rectify the issue. Ignoring issues like leaky plumbing could promote growth of moulds, cracking foundation and rotted wood. After a detailed inspection of the property, you get an idea about your future planning. You get a clear picture about health of your property.