How to Prevent and Repair leakage in your Bathroom?

Bathroom leakages are a common issue in Buildings & Apartments. Leakages are the main concern to the residents living in the buildings.

Bathroom leaks can create difficulty for both the person using the bathroom as well as the room located under/ adjacent to the bathroom which can be sometimes an apartment below yours. Leakage through the bathroom usually affect either the Ceiling of the flat that is directly below or the Adjacent Wall (i.e. Wall Common to the bathroom).

Leakages can lead to many issues like Peeling of paint, Fungi formation, and further defects due to spreading of moisture. These can be very unpleasing in sight and can cause a health hazards to the residents by creating unhealthy and unhygienic condition.

Preventing bathroom leaks immediately on notice is the best way to avoid any significant damage and problems1. Let us discuss today about how to prevent and repair leakage in your bathroom.

Prevention is better than cure: Applicable Also For Plumbing Leaks

Having regular checkups for various bathroom fixtures and plumbing sections can go a long way in preventing any leaks. Regular checkups along with plumbing maintenance can be conducted to avoid further problems. Some sections of a bathroom are more prone to leaks than other. Regular check-up of pipe joints, drain traps etc can make sure that any small leakage is noticed at the initial stages and is repaired before it can cause any big problem.

Plumbing leaks not only affect your pipes and water pressure, but they can also cause damage to your home. A leak that goes undetected under a sink or in a wall can lead to further spreading of moisture and pipe corrosion. Repairing the long-term damage caused by a small leak is costly and an even bigger headache for you due to the inconvenience it may cause. Hence plumbing maintenance is best way to prevent plumbing leaks.

Check and Repair leakage in bathroom

The most common places for plumbing leaks to originate are plumbing fixtures such as Showers, WC & from its junction with wall, sinks etc. You can save yourself from the hassle and expensive repair bill of the damage caused by plumbing leaks in your bathroom by just keeping an eye out for a few signs that there could be a leak in your bathroom.

1. Showers

If the leak occurs while the shower is in use, it could be coming from shower head or faucet below the shower head. It is a fact that Loose shower head will leak in no time. So you have to see that there any leakage at this component.

2. Toilet

Leak in the toilet can happen due to absence of gasket or improper installation of WC etc. There can also be leakage in cistern tank which are generally caused by blockages. And for other signs of leakage always check the surface of wall and floor depending on where WC is mounted on.

3. Sink Faucet and Trap

Leakage at faucet and bottle trap or any other plumbing trap for sink are also one of common causes for leaks in bathroom. This occurs due to improper installation of trap and improper joints.

4. Leakage through Concealed Plumbing pipes

If there is any leakage from the concealed pipeline, then it is a tricky case to detect the leakage without much destruction of finished surface usually tiles in bathrooms. For this case, it is better advisable to hire the experts which can detect the conceal leakage with the help non-destructive method through infrared technology. Hence this can save your money and provide you hassle-free living.

Apart from this, there can be leakage at bathtub which are not commonly used in homes. Repairing a leak in your bathroom is a not an easy task. So better get it repaired by a skilled plumber. But of course as mentioned earlier for cases of concealed leakage you have to hire professionals who are experts in damp inspection which includes detecting the source of leakage and suggesting you long term solutions for specific issues.

Additionally other sources of seepage in a bathroom are improper grouting around drain outlets, tile joints etc.


Our objective was to make you all educate about the most common problem of leakage in your bathroom. Along with it we have tried to give you some content which surely will be helpful for you to prevent and repair leakage in your bathroom.