Merits and Demerits of False Ceiling in your home

There used to be days when you visited your ancestral house during your summer vacation and would see someone cleaning the ceiling fan standing on the rungs of a high stool. Such high was the ceiling. Now let us get back to your apartment or the newly built house you possess. Pretty much like most of the commercial and residential buildings, you also have false ceilingto hide things like the AC ducts, wiring, and light holders, etc.Are you sure that is all the unwanted things yourfalse ceiling is hiding? Do you know how much risk can the ceiling carry with it? Read on to find out……

Types of false ceiling

False ceilings are of various types1. The building you live in, your personal preference and budget, the structural load the ceiling has to bear – all determine whether the false ceiling will be of gypsum board, plywood, Plaster of Paris, or metal panels. Needless to say, each material has a different look, lifespan, advantages and disadvantages. Gypsum ceilings are by far, the most popular type in India.

Advantages of false ceiling

Home inspectors and interior designers are often found to be divided in opinion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of false ceiling. The contribution of the same in enhancing the beauty of the interior décor cannot be denied. It gives a complete look to the room and creates multiple scopes of decorative lighting. Also, if you are at the topmost floor of your building, false ceiling2 helps you in controlling the indoor temperature. The trapped air between the actual ceiling and the false ceiling acts as an insulator and takes the extra load off the AC. Some other advantages are as follows:

  • It is easy to install false ceiling with the help of right kind of tools.
  • A false ceiling hides the plumbing pipes and electrical wires giving the ceiling a clutter free neat and clean look.
  • It is easy to re-assemble the panels of a false ceiling in case of repair works.
  • The removable nature becomes a major advantage of these ceilings in case of any damages. It requires a lesser amount of investment at the time of repairs or renovation.

Overall it can be said that the reasons modern homeowners find false ceilings appealing are they are easy to install, come in medium pocket-pinch, and give interior design a trendy makeover.

Disadvantages of false ceilings

All is well till now. Let us take a look at the demerits of this modern home decor element:

  • Hiding damp patches with a false ceiling to make your interior designing look spotless? You have no idea what you are inviting! It is easier for moisture and damp to gather in between the false and the original ceiling. Result? You and your loved ones suffering from ‘sick building syndrome.’
  • The damps that you are hiding under your false ceiling could spread with time causing the original ceiling to be affected badly.
  • Unlike houses of yesteryears, today’s apartments do not have very high ceilings. Adding a false ceiling further reduces the height making you feel somewhat stuffy. But then, it is a relative thing and may vary from person to person and also on the space for which the false ceiling has been considered.
  • Now, if damp happens, can pests be far behind? Soon or later, you will find termites crossing the length of the ceiling. Once this particular pest has invaded, getting rid of them is next to impossible. The biggest problem is that the termites will spread to other parts of your house also. Who doesn’t know what a pain they are!
  • The lack of regular cleaning may allow other insects and rodents to settle in the space between the original ceiling and gypsum ceiling. A complete nuisance!
  • Is your false ceiling made of metal panels? Greater possibility for you to face damp problems. Metal cools faster than gypsum. Hot and humid indoor air after coming in contact with the false ceiling gets converted into tiny water droplets. That makes the other walls damp as well.
  • We all know: Seeing is believing. So, you won’t believe your AC ducts are having any leakage as you can’t see it from below.The moisture, or to be precise, the seepage of it makes both the false and original ceiling, especially if the former is made of mineral fibre board, soggy and discoloured.
  • If your builder compromised with the quality of material, you are in deepsoup. Lightweight materials lacking sturdiness will soon fail to bear the weight of the wires and ducts tucked beneath it and become sagging.

Apart from this, always check accessibility should not be a problem in false ceilings since they are supposed to have trap doors. The trap door provisions are kept for the maintenance people to access plumbing pipes or valves, AC gas pipe, and electrical conduit for service or repair. Problems appear when such provisions are not kept. In that case, cracks, leakage/ seepage, damp and other associated problems may go unnoticed for days.

Additional Preventive Tip

Home Inspection can help keep false ceiling problems at bay

Home Inspection of the house prior to setting up false ceiling can help you avoid many common false ceiling problems. Electrical inspection which is most of the time a part of the home inspection service makes sure that the ducts and wires are not too heavy for the ceiling to carry and wiring is done properly. If you skip the inspections at the beginning, you have to be very vigilant later on. You need to take maintenance seriously:

  • Clean the intermediate space at regular intervals
  • Never leave any repair jobs for later
  • Take immediate action for a stitch in time saves nine!

False Ceiling has revolutionized contemporary interior designing. Go for it without a second thought when you are planning your interiors. But at the same time, make home inspection a part of your home’s regular health check-up routine. That will help you keep each design element of your home intact for a long time. Want to learn what all is covered under home inspection? Click here.


False ceilings have been equally criticized and praised for their respective traits and drawbacks. These ceilings provide numerous options to express your imagination and make a customized and different look. Despite their own share of disadvantages, false ceilings have some remarkable benefits. They are very much useful while decorating your office or the newly built house and in modern constructions, false ceilings are used far and wide. Our objective was to make you aware about its merits and demerits, so that you can use it in an effective way in your homes.