Old Problems in Modern House: Seepage and High Moisture

Mr. and Mrs. Chowdhury are a newly-married couple dwelling in a posh colony in Kolkata where they bought a house just after their marriage and are living there for since a few months. Well, the house is not a new one and the couple did not get much time to renovate. One day their neighbour Mr. Roy visited them. After chit-chats for a while he asked whether they planned to paint the house soon. When they replied in positive, Mr. Roy said, “Well, I have been a civil engineer all my life. Take my suggestions. Check the building for moisture seepage or water leakage.”

“There are damp spots here and there, Uncle. I’m thinking of repainting the whole thing. She was suggesting wallpapers. We haven’t decided what we’d do” said Mr. Chowdhury.

“Son, seepage problem and issues of high moisture / damp in even a modern building are like old wine in a new bottle. Never ever do the mistake of repainting over it. You have no idea how freaking this can be. Let me enlighten you a bit.

Let’s first know why moisture accumulates in your house. There can be external and internal reasons. What else other than the weather can be the external cause? You see, in a humid weather condition like Kolkata, your house is always exposed to high moisture. How frequent are we experiencing days-long depressions? Last it was Bulbul, earlier it was Fani, can you see how common it is becoming? And then the regular rains. To be truthful, we are completely helpless against nature. Least we can do is take care of our home and apply damp-proof1 measures in their place.

That reminds me, keep in mind it is not only your ceiling which stares at you with its damp spots. You can never imagine where and how you can discover moisture deposition! Behind the sofa set, the wall in between your room and bathroom, behind the WC, under the floor tiles, the geyser-mounted wall – anywhere you can come across seepage. Mind it, those areas where air does not pass and light cannot reach, are prone to develop such issues.

Now, as for internal reasons, there is not one, not two but quite a few. First of them will be the leaking pipes. Leaking fixtures, be it the exposed or the concealed pipes, brings the trouble of damp, high moisture accumulation or seepage with them.

Moving on, it is not only pipes which are the “Wanted Criminals”. Plumbing problems occur most commonly while setting up the bathroom. Faucet knobs and taps are often fixed loosely. The geyser maybe damaged, the hand-held shower can be leaky and so on and so forth. When you bought this house from the previous owners, you obviously didn’t check the bathroom like this, did you? The fancy bathroom fittings grab our eyes and we simply overlook the possibilities of plumbing faults in them.

You know Chowdhury, what happens is that the moisture and water from these faulty leaks, humidity from the weather – all these ups the moisture content of your house. Over days it goes beyond a permissible level and your house with all the modern amenities gifts you something which you never dreamt of. Flaky chunks from the walls, damp spots, swollen floor tiles will be your “home warming party gifts” a year later. Add to these, low-quality building materials and an unprincipled builder. Well, you could ask for nothing worse.”

By now Mr. and Mrs. Chowdhury were looking really worried and scared to some extent also. “What should we do Uncle?” they asked.

“Don’t worry that much. There is no problem that cannot be taken care of. Never jump to a decision before judging the circumstances well. At first, know your home well and see what is causing the damage actually. You and I may not be the right person to understand that. For that, you need the eyes of an inspector, a home inspector to be precise. I had home inspection for my house too before buying it and they said my problem was the ground below. Years ago, there might have been a water-body where the house stands now. Luckily, the house had not come up till then and I did what it required to seal the deal. The experts I hired have one more services Damp inspection, in which they use advance thermal imaging technology through which they detect the source of moisture and suggest the long term solution accordingly.

Now you may just paint the dampened areas or cover them with wallpapers. But take this for granted, these are like little crimes which you cannot hide forever. Even through the new wallpaper or new paint, the seepage marks will be as clear as daylight. Well, not immediately, but eventually of course. Why waste money like that? Instead, why not take the experts’ opinion?

Home inspectors are experts in the job of inspecting your house thoroughly and tell you the exact reasons for the nuisance you are facing with seepage issues. Don’t get disheartened by the results. You may wonder at what they find out. Home inspection service providers will give you suggestions as to what will be the best solution for you to bid goodbye to the adversities permanently.

You have many more years to stay in this home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that your sweet abode shines every time you celebrate your togetherness? Call for home inspection today and do a thorough check up. Then when all these would be done, invite me for a sumptuous dinner, not only tea. After all, who gave you the idea to come out of this?,” smirked Mr. Roy.