Repair Your House in Time to Avoid Spending More Later

To make a house – a home is no child’s play. People spend their entire lives trying to make their houses as beautiful and liveable as possible. However, despite their efforts, they are not always able to repair every damaged component of their house on time. Many wear-and-tear issues go unchecked and unattended for days.

You would say, “Everything gets worn out over time or with regular use; home fixtures and furnishings are no exception to the rule.” – True that. But unfortunately, putting off small repairs to a “later time” can actually cost us dearly. And by this, we mean both in terms of house damage and money. If you don’t believe us, here are some seemingly minor home repair issues that are often delayed but can get expensive when finally carried out.

4 Home Repairs That Can Cost You More If Delayed

1. Water stains on the walls or ceilings

It is easier to ignore them but they actually demand urgent attention, failing which they can cause seepage and the wall to rot eventually. If you notice water stains on your walls or ceiling, it means:

  • There is a leakage somewhere in the concealed water/ drain pipe from the above unit/ floor. The source can be located away from the stain itself.
  • There is a crack in the roof or the waterproofing1 membrane has worn out. Hence, leakage is happening from the roof.
  • Seepage from the wet areas in the upper/ adjacent unit: Wet areas like blocked drains, overflowing bathrooms, shower drains, etc area major source of excess moisture in a home. Water from these areas in the upper/ adjacent flat can seep through the gaps around and below floor outlet and leakage stains.

It is a common scene in many households but how many of us pay heed to it? We choose to ignore damp spots giving excuses for elaborate repair work and budget constraints.

What happens if damp is left untreated?

The seeping water can lead to spreading of moisture in associated areas and affecting it. This can lead to further paint deterioration problem and create unhealthy living conditions.

How to fix the problem in a timely manner?

To know how to fix it, you need to understand the cause also and proper steps. For that you can read A Stepwise Guide to deal with Water Stains on Your Ceiling.

2. Peeling off Paint

This may look harmless except a bit unpleasant to the eye though but it should not be delayed for the simple reason that cracking or peeling paint or putty can allow water from the concealed pipes to seep in, causing eventual dampness in the wall. This is, in fact, the opposite side of the coin if you consider point number one i.e. if there are leakage and seepage somewhere in the home and you are unaware of it, the paint will start peeling off.

Paint or putty also commonly starts peeling off around window and door frames where they hit against the wall or along the circumference of the holes around ceiling fans.


  • Damaged aesthetics
  • Increased risk of electrical hazards (in case of presence of electrical fitting in affected area)
  • Diminishing value of the property

How to fix the problem in a timely manner?

Repainting would be the obvious answer. But hang on there. Putting a fresh coat of paint on a damp wall will do more harm to your house than anything else. Here is what you should do before painting your house.

3. Blocked drains

This is another common problem area in homes and most likely ignored too. The issue is an outcome of certain objects or heavy materials being flushed down the drain in home bathrooms, & also in balcony and roof. Some examples include fallen hair, shampoo sachets, paper towels, and the like, which don’t get easily flushed out and therefore result in clogged pipes and drains.

What happens if left untreated?

Blocked drains can result in water overflowing from the outlet. In fact, if the blockage is severe, it may also cause the pipes to burst, which means even more spending, later on, to get it fixed.

How it can be taken care of?

You can get it repaired by a plumber. You can also refer some DIY in blog by Constellation on How to Fix a Clogged Drain2.

4. Termite and other pest problems

They come uninvited and become a part of your home rather soon. Their presence can be quite serious since they tend to cause enormous havoc in a short span. The worst is the structural damage, termites have the potential of causing and the only solution to get rid of them is to slay them out with the help of professionals. Don’t delay at all. Call pest control services to do the needful. Also, read this article to know about the following queries/ topics:

  1. How to determine whether your home is infested with Termites?
  2. Preventive Tips against Termites
  3. Natural Ways for Getting Rid from Termites
  4. Methods for Controlling Termites

Remember one thing – pests do not invade homes that are clean and hygienic. So, if you find any trace of them, be alert of a hidden damp issue. Call for a home inspection and get the source of damp detected and repaired in time.

The list of “small issues turning big” doesn’t end here. There can be things like loose latches of doors and windows, gaps around the frames, decaying wooden furniture, defective switches, loose faucets in kitchen and bathrooms, buckled, cracked, or stained tiles, etc at any point in time.

In a nutshell, small problems will keep surfacing but leaving them unattended can cost you a fortune later. Strike when the iron is hot. Be vigilant, do the small repairs from time to time, and invest in regular home inspection they will suggest the solution for repairs to prolong the life of your home.