Types of Primer for your home

Primer as the name itself suggests, is the primary layer that readies the surface to receive paint. It is nothing but paint without pigment. Primers will, even though relatively expensive, save you a lot of money in the long run. To know more about it, click here.

Primer gives your finished paint job a smoother finish much more than if you did not use a primer at all because paint grips better and it will last much longer.

There are various types of primer available in the market. When you use a primer for different surfaces, you should understand which types of primer are available and what they are intended for. Each types of primer paint consists various properties.

Types of Primer

1. Oil Based Primer

Oil based primer is mainly used for wood work, i.e. new wood, painted wood, dry wood, etc. It can be used on metal surfaces as well. It is suitable for both interior and exterior application.

The drawback of oil based primer is that they are often slow drying, generally 24 hours or more. It releases high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can be harmful to people if in high concentrations and for prolonged exposure.

Oil primers are known for their smooth finish, ability to penetrate the wood grain by filling pores without raising the grain. This means that little or no sanding is required to achieve a smooth surface.

Oil-based primers are good to use for new and unfinished wood and wood prone to weathering, to provide an extra wear-layer.

2. Water Based Primer

Water based primer is usually used for walls and ceilings where there is new work and preparation is required. These are made to apply on multiple surfaces and are growing in preference because of their low odour, low-VOC formulations that make them environmentally friendly, while still providing a flexible and crack-resistant finish.

They also allow water vapour to pass through, and make the surface less prone to peeling. Use water-based primers on concrete, brick, new softwoods, unfinished drywall etc.

Some products of Berger Paints which are water thinnable and can be used as interior primer like BP Cement Primer (WT)1 and BP White Primer (WT)2. White primer are better than cement primer in terms of longevity.

Apart from the above common types, there is one more category of Solvent based primer and thinnable like BP Cement Primer (ST)3 and BP White Primer (ST)4.

You can also prepare your wall for the perfect paint job with range of interior primers by asian paint products5.

And if you want to know about exterior primer products, then click here6.


Choose the right primer according to the different type of surfaces, i.e. masonry, metal, wood, etc. It will increase the durability and quality of your painting. With the right type of primer for paint, your house paint can last ten years or even longer.