So, what’s the future look like for Home Inspection in India?

It’s not at all surprising to wonder whether Home/Property inspections would become a mandatory part of Home/Property buying in future. In a lot of situations you are forced to get a roadworthy certificate for your car, but this does not exist for the home you live in. Until that happens, owners will continue to educate themselves more on the different options they have before making a purchase.

Much of the future changes will also depend on the demands of the recent housing boom and how the law chooses to react to safety vs accessibility of the public to obtaining adequate housing, but we certainly expect that inspections will continue to become more specialised, diversified and that technology will play a huge part in how inspectors can track issues early on.

Building inspections have been a routine part of the home-buying and building process for decades, and with property laws updating definitions more strictly to the demands of safe construction and maintenance in new and existing homes, the benefits of paying for inspections are crystal clear.

Today, buyers have a better awareness of the risks they take when buying real estate. And while they might not understand every part of a house, they know that someone else does. That ‘someone’ is a certified home inspector. New technology is the wave of the future. It’s still possible to perform a home inspection with little more than a flashlight, inspection form and a pen, but forward-thinking inspectors capitalize on technology that makes their inspection a better value. Thermal imaging can spot energy leaks and water infiltration. Drones make roof inspections simpler and safer. Radio controlled vehicles enter crawlspaces, even ones that are too shallow to access.

So, we can look for a bright and reliable picture for the Home Inspection industry in India.