Why should a Home Owner/Buyer have a home inspection?

Why should a Home Owner / Buyer have a home inspection?

 Survey Observation:  MACJ – A Buyers Choice Home Inspections, India conducted survey in multiple homes across various residential complexes and observed several common issues across many homes. These included Dampness, Water Seepage / Leakage / Moisture, Damage in the walls, Rust, Termites, inferior materials / brick work / improper RCC structure causing cracks, sub-standard wall plastering, inferior flooring causing cracks / black spots, tiles with mismatches and found to be broken and cracked at several places, electrification of inferior quality causing short circuiting / damaging the wiring, conduits and other electric appliances making life of the occupants risky, no proper drainage for the outflow of water causing seepage/leakage in the ceiling, poor internal installations of units e.g, water, light, gas, power, sewerage, doors, windows, etc.

Most of these problems apparently occurred due to lack of good workmanship, construction monitoring by supervisors & contractors.

If these issues are taken care of at the time of unit completion / delivery by conducting a thorough home inspection / audit, it will help take corrective action today at a nominal cost / time and probably avoid unnecessary potential future damage and high costs. It will also help you talk to your seller to have the issues taken care of at that stage. It will in general help you to know your home better.

It is not possible for developers or their senior management to continuously monitor each and very apartment and / or each & every aspect of construction. Home inspection will also serve as a guide to the developer / seller to understand the issues and take corrective correction before selling. This will add to his credibility and saleability of the unit.

Hence, home inspection will benefit all stakeholders (including developer / seller / buyer).

 Benefits of Home Inspection by MACJ – A Buyers Choice Home Inspections, India

 Provides an extra level of security and helps plan for the future in one’s home.

  • Peace of Mind: The home which is one of the largest investments that is made in anyone’s lifetime is for most part a solid and safe home.
  • Warning signals: Provide an in-depth analysis that can spotlight not just current needed repairs but also issues that may become a problem in the future.
  • Forecast & Plan Potential Future Expenses
  • Uncover Safety Issues
  • Find Structural Issues
  • Reveal Possible Pest, Termite & Insect Problems
  • Price Negotiations
  • Negotiate Seller Repairs
  • Home Inspection is Relatively Inexpensive