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When can you tell – “We are doing a great job!” It is only when you have satisfied customers, the biggest stakeholders of your dream venture, reaching out to you with their valuable feedbacks. The same thing applies to us. In the sunrise industry Home Inspection, we have been catering to a wide cross-section of urban Indian customers – both residential as well as commercial. Time and again they have come out with their constructive feedback. This has been a great motivation! Here we present you with some of the testimonials as given to us by our valued clients:

“The experience with MACJ has been fantastic” – Satyen Sanghvi, Director, Merlin Group

Satyen Sanghvi, the Director of Merlin Group, Kolkata is nothing short of elated to call MACJ “an extended team of Merlin” and showers praise on the technical, marketing and of course the inspection team. Despite Merlin having its own experts, it chose MACJ for three residential projects. The experience has been mutually beneficial. Listen to what he has to say about our services.

What more could we ask for!

Our scope is vast and expertise – unmatched

Seepage and damp problems and other multiple issues were already there when Ashish Kaushik chose his flat. Assurance from builder could not really assure him enough. So, he turned to MACJ and was bowled over by the prompt and detailed service. Each and every part of his property was scanned, problems and their source detected and solutions given.

Priyanka Jalan, a homemaker elucidates the importance of MACJ services before, after and during making of the house. “No corner is left unattended” – is what she is particularly satisfied about.

Neha Singh, another homemaker from Kolkata makes it clear that damp problems are common here and it is not always possible to take care of them personally. The unique idea of home inspection clicked with her and now she recommends MACJ to everyone.

MayurTebrewal particularly emphasises on inspection by MACJ before and during renovation of buildings and expresses his satisfaction as to how we took care of damp issues and developed a successful alliance.

Usha Tibrewal echoed his views. She was all praise for MACJ’s inspection services. Even after doing all the necessary steps, experts failed to explain Usha Tebrewal why her home was having damp and other leakage issues. We visited her house, scanned the walls and recommended solutions – specific solutions for each damp type. Extremely happy with the outcome, she expressed her satisfaction.

Our damp detection is second to none

There is this office building which was suffering from a ‘mysterious’ seepage problem with non-identifiable source. We took up the challenge of solving the mystery. Our experienced team of inspectors visited the place, conducted an in-depth inspection, and solved it with minimum fuss and cost but maximum technology and knowledge. Result: An elated customer and a satisfied us.

Promptness and our eye for detail won hearts

Detailed scanning, prompt analysis, and adhering to the time schedule are the qualities that impressed Ashok Sen from Narendrapur, West Bengal the most. We conducted a damp/ seepage inspection at his home and he found the suggestions we provided to him very effective.

We also identified the water and moisture seepage areas for Arun Kedia at his home which was completely unexpected to him. The detailed and furnished reports along with the thermal images were really helpful for him. His satisfaction now makes us his recommended choice for anyone planning to build or buy a house or office spaces alike.

You own an old property? We have a home inspection solution for you

That we are not only the inspectors of new or under-construction houses or flats can be confirmed from Dr. Susmita Dasgupta. We got the opportunity to perform inspection of her 60-year-old ancestral house in Kolkata. She found our procedure systematic and our competence level high enough to cast a long-lasting impression on every customer’s mind.

Big housing or single building – MACJ has a solution for all

Debjani Mukherjee is herself involved in real estate business and is the Senior VP of the Urbana Residential Project in Kolkata. Our involvement in inspecting about 250 apartments in the project has made her journey a successful one, she mentions. A good team work has certainly contributed to it. Click here and listen to what she has to say.

Identifying critical issues and giving practical suggestions worked for Naveen Saraff, of Career Launcher, Kolkata. So much delighted he was that he considered the report as the “Bible for your flat.” Strong recommendation for MACJ comes from him for all new and existing flat owners.

Being settled in Netherlands, Kunal Gupta found MACJ services to be a boon before he took possession of his Pune flat. Rectification of faults as mentioned in the report put all his worries off and made him come back to his dream home.

And this is not the end! We at MACJ continue to stay motivated and keep value-adding to our portfolio, will keep customer satisfaction on priority. To know further about our services and talk to our experts, write to or can visit our website. If you wanted to read or see what our others customers has to say, click here.

But before we sign off, let’s leave you with a video. Listen to what our happy customers are saying about our services: