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How well do you know your home?
From the Desk of the Editor
Wishing our readers, a very happy new year...  
So 2019 has arrived. And we have ushered it with arms wide open, with full of hopes and lots of desires. You know what, let’s all take a vow- a vow to keep our family safe, secure and healthy. For that, we not only need regular physical activities, eat healthy food and get regular health check up of our loved ones but we should also get a health check up of our beloved homes.  
We strive hard to keep you abreast and educated regarding one of the biggest and important investments of one’s life- i.e. your home, which you have already bought or planning to buy in this year.
As always our endeavor has been to educate you to keep your homes healthy and safe with a long life.
Professional Home Inspector is virtually a Home Doctor who does a diagnostic of your home and prescribes the solution for any health / quality issue of your homes that needs to be addressed. You can also call them your Home Saviours. So if your abode is suffering, allow them to cure it. Our sole aim is to keep your homes hale and hearty, healthy & safe.
This newsletter features interesting and useful knowledge articles on home care - health, safety and maintenance aspects of your dream homes and updates on the home inspection industry development.
The January 2019 issue covers:
Blog on - Protect your Home from Masked Hazards,
Our featured Knowledge series on home maintenance issues,
Testimonial from our happy customer - Feeling healthy & safe after home inspection,
Updates on Home Inspection industry, HIRA, RERA, and many more...
As you are aware we also have a service addressing the concerns of most Indian Homes - Damp / Seepage - A Silent Killer. (http://macj-abuyerschoice.com/damp-seepage-assessment-with-solutions-through-thermal-imaging-technology/)
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Stay tuned for continuous updates.
This is Shayeree signing off for now and do not forget - Home Inspection is the Order of the Day; Get it Done and Don’t Delay!
We welcome suggestions from you all to improve upon our effort.
Shayeree, Editor
MACJ – A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections
Feeling healthy & safe after home inspection
Neha Singh
Protect your Home from Masked Hazards
Not every masked object will be as vigilante & handsome as Antonio Banderas as in the 1998 Hollywood film-The Mask of Zorro. Your home can also be the safe haven of one or many masked entities.
Snippets on Home Care & Safety
3D Knowledge Series
Monitor cracks as a warning signal for further deterioration
Crack noted on wall at lintel height.
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Know Your Home Better
Home Health Trivia
MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspection
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Home Inspection Industry / HIRA / RERA
Registration under RERA is a prerequisite in Tamil Nadu
The Government of Tamil Nadu, dated 29.11.2018 has ordered that Registration under RERA is a prerequisite for obtaining Completion Certificate in CMDA & DTCP Areas.
    Order of Housing and Urban Development Department   
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