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We have launched Professional Home Inspection Services for the First Time in India in Collaboration with a leading American MNC, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, USA (ABCHI). ABCHI has presently 200 franchises across 19 countries and is well on its path of becoming the largest home inspection company in the world.

With our promise to provide third party unbiased home inspection services, home buyers/ owner/ sellers in India can now verify whether their homes are in accordance with the plans and in good health.

Professional home inspection services are the need of the hour. We are the first to launch Professional Home Inspection Services in India. Home Inspections will help buyers and sellers to make more informed decisions about their homes.Home inspection is expected to bring more transparency not only to buyers and sellers but will benefit greatly the real estate developers, real estate agents, interior designers, architects, bankers, insurers and the government.Property inspection saves money & ensures quality control along with safety in the real estate industry.

Our Home Assessment is a non-invasive, visual examination which covers all the accessible areas of a property using normal operating controls, which are designed to describe the systems and components, as well as, identify and report issues within specific systems and components that are observed and deemed critical by the inspector.Software driven home inspection reports are generated by our team, which is certified & our home inspectors are trained.

At MACJ- A Buyers Choice Home Inspection we offer you a thorough, as well as, the most comprehensive home inspection that there is. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Do you need Professionals Home Inspection for your dream home?

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Home Inspection Services in India

We all want our home to be beautiful as well as functional and well-constructed. To make sure that our homes are functional and well-constructed, home inspection becomes an essential part of your home-buying process. Most of us have a dream of having our own home. Home is one of the biggest investment one make in …
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