Bore packing around Plumbing Pipes can save from seepage

Detect Issues

Bore packing is not provided around plumbing lines insertion at external side.

Describe Issues

If bore packing is not done around plumbing lines insertion at external side, then it will create a pathway for intrusion of external rainwater and moisture from air thereby affecting adjacent area wall surfaces. This will also cause damage in the interior elements due to moisture intrusion which can weaken its integrity. If not rectified at right time, it can further deteriorate the associated areas. Hence can hamper residents in long run by creating unhealthy living condition and adding an extra cost for repair works.

Direct Solutions

We recommend providing adequate bore packing around the plumbing pipe lines .

Meaning of Bore packing

Bore packing is the process of fixing Plumbing pipes in RCC members (Slabs or beams or RCC walls) in their cutouts/ core cuts.