Ceiling’s Damp/Leakage/Seepage Mystery Solved by MACJ – ABCHI!

Classic Case of Mystery Water Seepage from False Ceiling of a High End Residence. The Flat was facing Severe Seepage Problem. The Owner had major waterproofing done on the above floor last year only, spending Lacs of rupees on the repairing, but it did not solve the issue. Witness how Team MACJ reached to the root cause of the leakage and solve the Mystery.

The Team uses Specialised Tools, Equipments & Gadgets like Moisture Meter, Thermal Imaging Cameras and Infrared Technology to detect the Source of the Moisture. And provides a Comprehensive Report to its Client in which all the issues are explained and are backed up by Colour images for reference. Not only that the report also explains the relevant solution to stop the leakage / Seepage that how it can be resolved in the most cost effective manner and provides a long term solution.