Do you know the Source & Cause of moisture on your ceiling?

Detect Issues

Presence of moisture at ceiling surface.

Describe Issues

As seen by infrared image flow of moisture noted from ceiling mid span towards wall. This moisture has originated from entrapped moisture under hollow roof tile surface which has intruded through the gap at tile joints in the adjacent roof area. If not rectified, hollowness can further lead to cracked tiles. Can lead to further problems in other associated or attached areas like damp/ seepage issues, will increase maintenance cost and create hassles for residents.

Direct Solutions

We recommend:
Step 1 – Tiles joint cutting with a suitable tool.
Step 2 – Preparation & pouring of high viscosity cement grout & adequate vibration to be made on floor tile with a rubber hammer during pouring.
Step 3 – Tile joint to be sealed with pigmented flexible tile grout.