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Professional Home Inspection Services

Ticking all the Boxes Right

Compelling reasons to invest

  • A Brand new industry first Time launched in India in the organised sector.
  • Partnership with a leading Global MNC, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, USA having 200 franchises over 19 countries.
  • Serves the heart of India – The Indian Homes.
  • Serving key needs of home buyers / owners – Typical quality / safety issues in most homes.
  • Meets the demand of industry movers – real estate developers.
  • Skill Development & Employment opportunities.
  • Low Investment – High Return – Potential of over 100% return on investment on an annualised basis.

Home & Safety check of homes/ properties

MACJ Services: Full Integration in Real Estate Value Chain

  • Construction Finishing / Pre-delivery Inspections for Builders
  • Property Inspection Services – Full Diagnostic
  • Pre & Post Interior Design Inspections
  • Damp / Seepage / Leakage / Moisture Inspections
  • Electrical & Safety Inspections
  • Pre & Post Renovation Inspections
  • Property Care for NRIs / CCCs