Professional Home Inspection, India

Home Inspection Benefits

Professional home inspection services are the need of the hour. Inspections will help buyers and sellers to make more informed decisions about their homes. Home inspection is expected to bring more transparency not only to buyers and sellers but will benefit greatly the real estate developers, real estate agents, interior designers, architects, bankers, insurers and the government.Property inspection saves money & ensures quality control along with safety in the real estate industry.

Home Owner / Buyers perspective

  • Provides an extra level of security and helps plan for the future in one’s home.
  • Peace of Mind: The home which is one of the largest investments that is made in anyone’s lifetime is for most part a solid and safe home.
  • Warning signals: Provide an in-depth analysis that can spotlight not just current needed repairs but also issues that may become a problem in the future.
  • Forecast & Plan Potential Future Expenses
  • Uncover Safety Issues
  • Reveal Possible Pest, Termite & Insect Problems
  • Price Negotiations
  • Negotiate Seller Repairs
  • Home Inspection is Relatively Inexpensive

Real Estate Developers perspective

Home Inspectors become their eyes and ears of and help in the following ways :

  • It is not possible for promoters or their senior management to continuously monitor each and very apartment and / or each & every aspect of construction.
  • Developers / Senior Management are dependent on their contractors’ / shop floor managers to ensure cohesive construction and finishing of dream homes.
  • Home Inspection can provide a third party audit on behalf of the developers as a quality assurance on the construction and finishing of units.
  • Home inspections can save developers substantial money and effort by assuring quality control over work done by contractors even when they are not actually on-site.
  • With enactment of Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016, it can provide further assurance to developers on quality control of the homes being built by them.
  • Give developers peace of mind by assuring that the construction is being done correctly.
  • Add to their credibility and professionalism. Help their brands to grow.

For Home Sellers

  • Full disclosure of the home condition eliminates the possibility of problems for non-disclosure.
  • Gives confidence to both the buyer and the seller.
  • Enables the seller to have a chance to correct problems before a home is placed for sale.
  • The seller can potentially sell the home for more money if it is in perfect condition.

For Real Estate Agents

  • It can greatly assist in the sales process by making a buyer feel more confident about the purchase.
  • Builds credibility, makes them look more professional and promotes referrals.

For Interior Designers

  • Enables the Designer to evaluate and understand the conditions of the structure / components / elements of homes to design the furnishing of home better and ensure longevity of the elements & furniture installed in the home.
  • Home Inspection will aid them in designing beautiful homes to make home owners happy and realise their dream homes come true.

Benefiting all other stake holders as well

  • Government of India & State Governments
  • Lenders
  • Insurance Companies
  • City Building Department