What is Home Inspection?

Home Inspection is a

  • non-invasive, visual examination of all accessible areas (systems & components) of a property
  • using modern technology and specialized tools
  • uses normal operating controls
  • is designed to describe the condition of the systems and components
  • identifies and reports issues within specific systems and components
  • reports issues (with relevant pictures) that are both observed and deemed critical by the inspector
  • generates software driven inspection reports

Why Home Inspection?

  • Home is one of the biggest investment one make in one’s life time. A large part of our savings goes into buying our dream homes, furnishing it and then paying stamp duty / brokerage, etc.
  • All of us wants our dream home to be as we have envisaged……. safe – sound – secured.
  • We should and have the right to know “How Healthy our Homes are”. We need to get a Complete Health Check-up of our dream homes just the way we get a complete checkup of our body.
Professional Home Inspection, India