If you want to keep your Home Right, then Remove Termite


Termite tubes noted at corner of wooden ceiling & termite noted at bottom of door frame and cabinet corners.


If not treated earlier, it can damage wood and deteriorate further your wooden ceiling, door and cabinet. This will create a cost factor.


For the purpose of treatment, we need to segregate woodwork depending on condition:
1. One which is damaged by termites as well as is beyond repair and need replacement, &
2. One which is mildly damaged by termites & can be repaired.

Treatment of the affected wood. We recommend:
Step 1 – Finishing layer (paint / laminate) of affected section to be scrapped off.
Step 2 – 2 coat of spraying of the ‘Chemical for wood treatment’ after interval of 2 hrs / time to surface drying.
Step 3 – Wood primer / desire finishing once the wood surface become saturated surface dry. Care to be taken to not to waste any additional time in between spraying & finishing; otherwise anti termite chemical will evaporate from wood.

Note: ‘Chemical for wood treatment’- anti termite chemical or Woodtech Termishield or equivalent product.