Madhya Pradesh RERA proposes modification in rules


To ensure that its orders are implemented without any delay, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Madhya Pradesh, has proposed a modification in the rules. If the government gives its nod, MP would be the first state in the country to do so.

According to sources, RERA has suggested appointment of a district judge level officer as an executing officer with the powers of the civil court as well as revenue court. The proposed tweak will require a modification in state RERA rules 27 and 28 that deal with recovery of interest; penalty and compensation; implementing the orders; directions and decisions of the authority.

RERA chairman Anthony de Sa said the proposal has already been sent to the government. Prior to sending the proposal in black and white, the proposal was discussed with the state government. The government has shown its willingness to do so, said sources.

Once the proposed modifications are done, orders of RERA would be implemented more effectively and bring in respite to both buyers and builders, de Sa added.

As per the existing set up, if RERA passes an order and the party concerned is unwilling to accept it, RERA takes up the matter in civil court. Odds are that the matter may get delayed in legal procedures.

On the other hand, if the authority has an executing officer — with the powers of the civil and revenue court — it can settle the grievance at its level.

The case disposal rate of RERA is around 70 per cent. Out of the 3,300 complaints that RERA received so far, 2,200 have already been disposed, while 1,000 are pending. Out of the total disposed cases, 85 per cent went in favour of allottees, while the remaining 15 per cent went in favour of builders. Complaints from Bhopal and Indore account for 60 per cent of the total, while the number of projects registered with RERA is around 2,200.

According to officials, the need for an executing officer was felt in around 300 cases. The number may not be huge, but to ensure all its orders are executed in their true spirit, modification is needed in the rules, the officials added.