Madhya Pradesh RERA tightens the noose on violators, plaints drop 40%


Madhya Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has witnessed a sharp drop in cases from Indore in the past two months with number of complaints dropping to 60 per hearing as against over 100.

Of the three RERA centres in the state, Indore gets highest number of complaints from customers, followed by Gwalior and Jabalpur. But in past few months complaints have reduced.

RERA member A D Kapaley said, “Cases have dropped significantly from over 100 to just 50 to 60 per hearing. This is a good sign indicating increased compliance resulting in fewer grievances from the customers.”

RERA hears cases thrice in a month in Indore as against once in a month in Gwalior and Jabalpur. Most of the cases in Indore are related to delay in possession for residential property, lack of development and unfulfilled promises under a deal.

Kapaley said, “Most of the cases in Indore were related to a few projects after the promoter duped hundreds of customers. As they are getting resolved gradually, new complaints are very few and this is really a good sign.”

Recently, the authority sent notice to an Indore-based realtor for not keeping promises made to customers even after receiving 80% of the payment.

Kapaley said, “Complaints were brought to our notice after which sent a notice to builder and denied registration in RERA for any future projects when he approached the authority for extension of his existing projects.”

In the total 45 cases received by the RERA against the realtor, it directed promoters to return money to customers. Until now over a dozen of customers have received demand drafts from the promoter.