MahaRERA To Launch Project Grading System To Enhance Homebuying Experience

MahaRERA’S project grading system aims to empower homebuyers with transparent insights into real estate projects

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) had suggested last year, a project grading system in order to help homebuyers make an informed decision. That plan may soon see the light of the day, as MahaRERA is expected to launch the grading system soon.

The grading will be based on four key parameters—technical, financial, legal, and project overview; and will evaluate projects every six months in a bid to keep homebuyers aligned with the construction progress. As a part of this process, all projects launched from January 2023 onwards will be graded.

However, since this is still a pilot project, MahaRERA is expected to first provide project information/analysis without assigning a grade to the project. This information would enable homebuyers to evaluate if the project is on the right track; the actual grades could take a few more years to be rolled out.

Industry experts, however, also feel that a few more parameters should be taken into account in order to provide a holistic overview.

Some of the key parameters are as follows:

Construction Quality: Assessing the track record of the developer in terms of construction quality, materials used, and adherence to building codes and regulations.

Environmental and Sustainability Factors: Considering the project’s impact on the environment, its compliance with sustainability standards, and the incorporation of energy-efficient measures, waste management systems, and green building practices.

Track Record of Developer: Assessing the reputation and past performance of the developer, including timely completion of previous projects, compliance with regulatory norms, financial stability, and adherence to customer commitments.

Customer Feedback: Incorporating feedback from existing customers of the developer or similar projects to assess customer satisfaction, and after-sales service, and address any potential issues.

– Ritesh Mehta, senior director and head (North and West), residential services and developer initiative, JLL India

Promptly updating grades assigned to each project on MahaRERA’s website, explaining how each parameter is assessed and graded, ensuring that the website’s interface is user-friendly enabling homebuyers to check grades with ease, and an effective feedback mechanism for homebuyers to raise concerns or grievances related to project evaluations should be implemented to make this grading system more robust and effective. Additionally, engaging competent third-party agencies for these audits will make them more authentic,” adds Ravi Shankar Singh, managing director, of residential transaction services, at Colliers India.

“MahaRERA could also take initiatives to educate buyers on how to interpret these grades and reports, helping them understand what these evaluations mean for their investment. There should also be a clear and fair process for developers to appeal their grades if they believe the evaluation was not accurate or fair. MahaRERA could consider incentives for projects that achieve high grades, such as faster approval processes or recognition in MahaRERA publications, to encourage quality and compliance,” suggests Prashant Sharma, president, NAREDCO Maharashtra.

Developers are optimistic about this move, however, there are a few concerns, “The process of information seeking from developers for this rating should be minimalistic in its philosophy, as developers are already providing a vast amount of data for RERA registration. An ideal way would be to integrate the data requirement in one place rather than two separate data requirements. It should also be mandatory for every developer to display the project rating prominently along with the RERA registration number,” suggests Harmohan Sahni, CEO, Raymond Realty. “Overall, the sector will benefit from this proactive approach, which fosters responsible practices and builds trust between buyers and developers,” concludes Manju Yagnik, senior vice president, NAREDCO Maharashtra.