‘One project, one MahaRERA no.’ to protect home buyers

MahaRERA has come out with ‘one standalone project, One MahaRERA number’ policy to safeguard the interests of home buyers. Under this policy, the promoters while applying for a new registration need to submit an undertaking stating that the proposed project does not have any MahaRERA registration number for the full project or part of it or any pending application.

The policy is aimed at preventing home buyers from being cheated after instances of developers obtaining two or more MahaRERA registration numbers for the same or part of a real estate project came to light. However, in the case of a project on a large plot, developers will be allowed to obtain separate registration numbers for various phases. Common or special amenities such as recreation facilities, playground, parking, internal road, swimming pool, club house and gymnasium need to be categorically and unambiguously specified for every phase of the project in the application for a new MahaRERA registration number.

According to MahaRERA, promoters apply for registration of their project to be executed on a particular plot of land even when there is a subsisting pending application for registration of a real estate project on the same project land or part of land or when there already exists a real estate project registered with MahaRERA being executed on the very same project land or part of land. There also have been instances where the landowner has contracted with more than one promoter.

Where development is being carried out in a large plot or a layout and MahaRERA registration is sought for buildings, the developer cannotamend amenities such as recreation ground, parking, internal roads, gymnasium and swimming pool as well as public amenities such as amenity plot in the layout already registered with MahaRERA. Any reservation on the plot as declared by authorities can’t be changed without approval of authorities and consent of allottees.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/maharera-implements-one-project-one-registration-number-policy-to-safeguard-home-buyers/articleshow/106942154.cms