Thermal Imaging Inspection

Professional Home Inspection, India

Value Added Services: Thermal imaging

Detecting moisture intrusion problems is an excellent application for thermal imaging. Moisture intrusion may be identified through basic visual inspection if it has lead to obvious defects, such as staining or mold growth.  By the time visible evidence has presented itself, however, significant damage may have already been done.  In many cases, moisture or water intrusion may have been developing for a while before obvious signs become apparent.  By employing thermal imaging technology, inspectors can locate moisture / damp issues before they become large problems and lead to serious damage, as well as gather details in cases where moisture intrusion has already become obvious.

Professional Home Inspection, IndiaNormal Image of
the external wall

Professional Home Inspection, IndiaStains

Professional Home Inspection, IndiaInfrared Image showing
presence of water

Professional Home Inspection, IndiaInfrared Image of presence of water behind the wood panel