To avail benefits of registration extension, promoters must upload QPR on portal: UP-RERA

Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) has directed promoters to upload latest Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) on the portal to avail benefits of extension of project registration. Uploading QPR periodically on portal is one of the key responsibilities of the promoter that enables the consumers of real estate sector to access progress of the project on regular intervals. Pramod Kumar Upadhyay, secretary, UP-RERA said, “Promoters must ensure their responsibility as per the RERA Act which is important for the consumers. Updating QPR on portal is one of them which are completely connected with project completion. All promoters must focus on this part and assign knowledgeable person for this to ensure its implementation and avoid penalty.”

While reviewing applications of extension of registered projects, the Regulatory Authority noticed that promoters have not uploaded QPR of many quarters. Apart from this, promoters of 732 projects have not filled targets and promoters of 356 projects have not updated targets on the portal. Hence, UP-RERA has imposed penalty of Rs 2 lakh per project on 732 projects and Rs 1 lakh per project on 356 projects. The authority has advised promoters fill details of QPR autiously.

They have to ensure that QPRs of past quarters have been filled before filling latest. In case of due QPR of past quarters, they have to pay delay charges. Then only they will be allowed to fill QPR of current quarter. Further, only after updating all QPRs on the portal, the promoters will be allowed for extension of project registration. The projects having completion certificate (CC) and being uploaded on the portal, need to pay delay charges and update QPR till the time of CC obtained.