Verification of Commencement Certificates Mandatory for Registration of Projects: MahaRERA

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) will not register any new real estate project unless the commencement certificate is verified by local planning authorities.

Local authorities such as Corporations, Councils, Nagar Panchayats and Metropolitan Planning authorities were given time till 19 June, 2023, with the option of either integrating their website with MahaRERA or sending independent mails regarding project registrations.

The commencement certificates now received from local authorities will be compared with those provided by the respective developers and only after the completion of this procedure, registration will be granted.

The initiative has been taken in the light of the growing number of fraud cases in which several developers submitted fake documents to obtain MahaRERA registration certificates.

A construction permit in the form of a commencement certificate issued by a competent authority allows the promoter to begin the development works on an immovable property as per the project plan.