Protect Your Home from Unwanted Damage & Costly Repairs

There is no place like Home – It is our Heavenly Nest.

Houses are prone to damages. But you can avoid untimely repairs if you are a bit watchful. Read this article to know which damages to be careful about.

“Home is not a place… It is a feeling” There is something very comforting about the place we call home. It is the place where we and our family weave memories to cherish for life. However, before we turn our house into a home, several things need to be taken care of; since a house is one of the biggest investments we make in our lifetime and would not allow any of its unwanted element to become a nightmare.

Your dream house has to be safe, sound, and secure. Therefore, it becomes crucial to consider the underlying problems that can lead to unwanted damage and repairs, ultimately burning a hole in your pocket.

Damages and Their Causes

Here are a few of the unwanted damages that we must check for immediate repair:

1. Cracks on walls and ceiling

Cracks can occur anywhere in the house- the building’s exterior and interior walls, roof, ceiling, etc. Many factors are responsible for cracks out of which inferior quality building materials and carelessly supervised masonry jobs are the primary ones. While some cracks are minor and can be repaired easily, a few indicate major damage which may lead to the collapse of walls, ceiling, and roofing. It is important to understand that crack is a vast topic since there are various types and causes. For example:

Under-construction Property: In an under-construction house, curing the bricks properly before plastering is essential for the building’s longevity. There is a specific time of curing for every construction material. Before any further construction, a minimum curing of 7 days is required for the walls. If not, cracks develop in walls.

Newly built house: Proper ventilation in a newly-built house helps in removing excess heat and moisture. Cracks in walls and ceiling occur if room temperature varies significantly without the excess heat and moisture being able to escape.

2. Fan box provision: Many times, there are small cracks in the ceiling fan box provision, resulting from inferior quality of construction. Also, sometimes either there is no fan box provision provided or improperly placed. It leads to the weakening of the RCC ceiling during the rework.

3. Gap around window frames: Gaps around window frames cause the most common damage inside the house. These gaps allow moisture, insects/termites to enter. Also, it leads to water seepage deteriorating the walls. Hence, it is important to fill in these gaps properly to prevent damages.

4. Gap around door frame:  If these gaps are not filled with proper material, then fixing of the frame with the wall will not be firm and will act as insect / termite / hub. It may also lead to moisture / water seepage. Therefore it needs to be filled properly to avoid problems in future. Its rectification procedure is easy, cost-effective and less time-consuming.

5. Hollow flooring: Hollowness can lead to cracks in flooring & looseness from bed mortar. This can lead to water intrusion through cracks and which can create further problems in other associated or attached areas and damp/ seepage issues.

6.Grout Problems: If proper grouting is not provided at the joints, such as between the drain outlet pipe and floor tiles, then there will be moisture / seepage and spread through junction.

This will ultimately lead to unhealthy & unhygienic condition for residents and can lead to deterioration at below storey ceiling surface in due course of time.

7. Electrical wiring problems: Outdated or improper wiring leads to overheating, current loss, as well as a potential fire hazard. Also, Improper dressing of wire can lead to overheating & current loss and can create inconvenience during repair or maintenance. Factors like excessive dust and high temperature contribute to the house’s wiring lifespan. Electrical issues such as electric leakage, damaged insulation, and overheating of wires are other major problems. In case of defects in electrical wires, they can cause hazards in the house and may even take human life in some cases.

8. No proper drainage for the outflow of water: Improper drainage system leads to the stagnation of water inside your house and surrounding areas resulting in damage to your home. Moreover, there is a significant rise in pest problems as the building becomes swampy and messy from inside out. To identify a poor drainage system, you must look for the following signs:

  • Clogged roof / bathroom / kitchen / balcony outlets
  • Breeding of mosquitoes in puddling water within the premise
  • Dead grass and fallen leaves choking the adjoining drains
  • Excessive erosion of garden soil

9. Improper Ventilation: Poor ventilation causes condensation within the house and the growth of microbes, since excess moisture does not get the passage to exit. This trapped moisture damages the walls and the basic fabric of the house. In the long run, it not only reduces the longevity of your property but also harms your family health in a slow but severe manner.

10. Presence of excess moisture: Moisture inside wall cavities occur due to fault in the construction, maintenance of the house like plumbing defects. It leads to considerable damage such as:

  • Toxic microbial growth
  • Rotten wood structure
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Compromised structural integrity of the building
  • Insect infestation
  • Continuous odour

Keeping your home free from excess moisture and maintaining a healthy humidity level will help you avoid these potential risks for your health and your property. If you notice, extra moisture is becoming an issue, then contact professionals who can detect the hidden moisture in your home.

11. Pest Infestation: Termites or pests are responsible for more house damages than natural disasters. Problems of pest infestations are not something you can overlook. Termites begin chewing through the wood and cement from the inside out, affecting the roof, doors, joints and walls, leaving you with a fragile property that is severely structurally compromised.

12. Others possible damages:

  • Weep holes: These are created as escape routes for water. But at times, if these holes are not cleaned or properly placed, it allows moisture to enter and damage the walls.
  • Concealed duct: Though placed for proper ventilation but left without a trap door, the concealed ducts lead to unwanted problems like improper ventilation and other maintenance issues.

Having mentioned the possible damages that you must keep a check on, it is important to discuss how you can save your property from these problems.

Inspect. Repair. Maintain.

  • Crack and damp check: Always keep a check on internal and external cracks and dampness on the walls, roofs, ceiling, floor tiles, pillars, and other areas of your house. If you notice any such crack, do not delay in calling the experts and get it repaired immediately.
  • Proper ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in your house for eliminating moisture buildup and keeping air moving. Ventilation helps, move out, excess moisture out of living areas, preventing microbial growth and damage to structures and furnishings.
  • Fill the gaps between the window and door frames: Any gaps around the window and door frames have to be filled with proper material so that there is no inflow / seepage of moisture, water, or insects. Also, ensure all the latches, slides, and panels are in proper condition. Window maintenance is easy, cost-effective, and less time-consuming. So, better get it done annually.
  • Check and repair the hollowness of the flooring: The reason for checking for hollow spots in tiles is due to the possibility of either improper installation or other reasons for the bond of the tile to separate from the floor. If left unchecked, this can lead to the tile cracking and potentially breaking or damage. Aside from the aesthetics of such a result, it could also cause a tripping hazard.
    Do not overlook if you see any crack on the floor, even if it is minute, because what might look small to you can lead to major intrusion or seepage problems. Immediately call for the experts.
  • Checking grouts and repair: Over time, the grout at tile joints deteriorates, leading to water intrusion and ultimately damaging the house. Hence, it is vitally important to repair / grout whenever spotted.
  • Maintenance of electrical system: For a smooth running of all the electric appliances and accessories in your house, and avoiding any sort of fire life endangering hazards, it is important to have proper maintenance of the electrical system, including the wirings. Change faulty wires without delay. Regular electrical checks avoid high repairing expenses.
  • Plumbing and drainage check: Leakage or blockage is a nightmare that requires immediate repair. Sometimes, it gives rise to damp patches. Always check the rooftop water tank, pump, and internal plumbing pipeline. Moreover, check the faucets for any damage. Annual cleaning and inspection of the plumbing pipes / system is a must, along with a check for leakage under the kitchen sink, pipes, valves, etc.Here is how leakage/seepage detection is done in a residential building by experts, using IR technology:
  • Pest control: Regular pest control is essential to protect your family and house from unwanted damages and unhygienic conditions.
  • Trap door for concealed ducts: Ensure the concealed ducts have trap doors to avoid problems, such as ventilation and access for maintenance.
  • Others: Any dead plants must be uprooted, and remove dried leaves if you have a lawn. Uproot any growth of plants on the external or internal wall, as it brings other problems like water seepage, cracks on walls, dampness, etc.

We have tried to discuss all the possible unwanted damages and repairs for protecting your house. It becomes essential to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your worries. Without a say, you must let the professional home inspection team take charge of the health and safety check-up of your lovely home. These professionals use the latest technological devices and tools to observe and check every corner of your house and identify the parts that require immediate action. A comprehensive health & safety check-up of your house by a home inspection team will prolong your property’s life, making it beautiful and strong for years.

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